What we do is a bit like painting an enormous mural, except we paint with light, so we call our work a ‘canvas.’ We use natural elements from the environment as features – trees, rocks, architecture, hedges, water – they all play a major part in what we create.

Lighting design, until recently, has been a high-end luxury reserved for the more extravagant budgets but our aim is to make it affordable for everyone.

LightNights also design and install specialist indoor lighting to create a beautiful mood or vibrant party setting.

We can:

  • Uplight the features of your venue
  • Enhance your event theme
  • Use a selection of string lights, such as festoon and fairy lights to create unique overhead arrangements
  • Light individual tables for those very special announcements or celebrations

Wedding Canvas

Our Wedding Canvas includes more than just a selection of festoon lights and some Fairy lights. We take powerful LED spotlights and banks of colour changing lights which can transform any landscape into a world of wonder and beauty.  Our tree lights can bring out the splendour and grandeur of even the largest trees in a cultured garden or a natural wood.

Party Canvas

Whether you are throwing a summer party or a winter ball, we can transform your indoor or outdoor venue into a unique and magical setting. Our extensive range of uplighters, festoon lights, fairy lights, and floodlights instantly transform any venue, making your event a memorable one for everyone.